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Save Rio Tigre....Save All Osa's Rivers

What We Are Doing

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What We Are Doing
Community Fights to Save Its River
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Our opponents are big companies with huge budgets and powerful political connections

We are a small but determined association of residents of the Dos Brazos community - now working with similar grassroots organizations in other valleys of the Osa.

To win this battle we must:

  • Hire a Costa Rican attorney specializing in conservation issues
  • Hire a team of professionals to perform our own Environmental Impact Study
  • Persuade the government of Costa Rica that riverbed mining is a destructive practice that must be banned in Costa Rica as it has been in the United States and many other countries.

You can help us in this David-Goliath battle by:

  • Donating to the fund to save the Osa's rivers.

Even with volunteer time from our community and probono work by scientists, the cost of legal action plus a credible environmental impact study will be expensive.  Every donation helps!

How to make a donation

  • Help us spread the word: Share this website with others.

  • Join our email list for updates as we make progress toward our fundraising goal of $18,000.  Click on the link below and enter the text:  Save the Osa's rivers.

Email for updates.

How to Donate...